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About the book

The chapter 1 enlightens you on how to train your mind and body to embark on the correct path to achieve success.
Chapter 2 explains how to do a self-analysis and to design a tailor-made study plan, unique to yourself, in order to harness your maximum potential.
Chapter 3 explains the power of knowledge and how to gather it. It shows what to read, how to read and how much to read for the purpose of the examination including some time-tested mental exercises to boost performance.
Chapter 4 – Shows you how to apply the knowledge .eg: what to write, how to write and to what extent you should write to score the maximum marks.
Chapter 5 -Your answers could have limited value, unless it is presented in a logical, sequential, structured, lucid, concise, clear and impactful manner.
Chapter 6 – speaks of the methods you can deploy to manage your time effectively. Your contribution will be of little value if you do not address the issues within a given period of time.
Chapter 7 –enlightens you on how you should conduct yourself, the week before and at the examination to ensure that you perform at your peak.
Chapter 8 – This is a chapter for those who repeat the examinations. Before starting to study in your second or a later attempt, you should first try to understand why you failed previously so that you do not reinvent the wheel. Thereafter, learn the correct techniques and apply them diligently.

About the author

The author of this book, Sharanga Senanayake is a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA)UK and also holds a MBA (Honolulu).
Sharanga has been av avid reader during his formative years and a writer, later on in life, with a passion and a flair for the written word. During his tenure in the corporate sector as an Accountant, and an Auditor, he compiled work-related manuals, articles and write ups for magazines. During his spare time, he has written short stories which have received many accolades.
Although he passed his subjects in Primary and Secondary school level effortlessly, Professional studies became a stumbling block. After repeating the exams several times, he succeeded in completing all, to finally achieve his goal of becoming an Accountant. Although, there were some of his batchmates who qualified exams in their first attempt and with flying colors, there were still others who never made the grade.
After completing all examinations, Sharanga interviewed many of the students who passed with straight “A” s and some with world prizes, to determine the methods and techniques which they adopted to achieve the levels of stellar performances. He compiled this manuscript to enlighten new students as to how they could attain the optimum results with the minimum effort thus harnessing their full potential.
Sharanga’s father (deceased) was a Civil Engineering graduate, mother an Arts graduate, and his wife is an IT graduate. His only son Sandesh is in grade 5(lower school).Sharanga spends his spare time , playing with Sandesh, his only child.


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