Create Your Own Shadow – Explore the best within you


By: Rahul (Anil) S. Mundra


Page: 181

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Category: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

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About the book

The book “Create Your Own Shadow” book is all about living a meaningful life. This book reveals the wisdom that only you know your true value. Life is all about change and self-growth. This book has tools and tips, which will guide you to the direction of transformation of self, be it any area of your life. This book is a perfect combination of spiritual and modern management. It helps you in introspecting yourself and ways to develop special skills. This book holds pieces of advice, which will help you to achieve what you want in your life. The book summarizes the essence of creating and living a beautiful life and experiencing the joy of that life to its fullest. One thing is sure, you will start loving and respecting yourself after reading this. There is no specific way to read this book; you can select any topic from the book, which resonates you in your daily life. Also every new day demands your new version so people of any age can read this book Simple language with wisdom is core of this book. We have one life so make it worthful to remember. You are on your path of creating your own shadow, i.e. your own identity.

About the author

Author is an entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, blogger and Poet. He is empowering his readers to transform their lives by guiding them to work on and for self. His Keen observation and curious nature made himself learner in all areas of his life. At every step he continuously pushes himself and sets a new challenge for himself. This quality of his to become a better version of himself day by day is itself an inspiration. He is a Postgraduate in Business Administration and Commerce and International Business. The author has a special quality of accommodating himself with people of various fields’ professionally and personally through his versatile personality and talent .He is a spiritual person who believes you cannot be immortal but work done by you can be recalled even if you are not there. His good listening and solution providing abilities make others to share their problems with him. He is a perfect person to guide as his own success journey includes lot of failures and rejection. His sheer perfection and discipline makes it tough for ordinary people to adjust with him but when someone connects with him he transforms and achieves unimaginable success in their lives. He wants to utilize each moment for the betterment of self and others.


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