Handbook Of Science Terminology


By: Lalit Mohan Shukla

ISBN: 9789358389838

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Page: 87

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Unveiling the language of discovery, the “Handbook of Science Terminology” by Lalit Mohan Shukla is your key to unlocking the wonders of the scientific world. Within its pages lies a comprehensive collection of terms, meticulously defined and explained, empowering you to navigate the intricate landscapes of biology, chemistry, physics, and beyond. This essential guide is not just a reference, but a passport to scientific literacy, igniting a passion for exploration and equipping you to delve deeper into the fascinating realms of science.



Lalit Mohan Shukla, the esteemed author of “Motivational Poetry by Lalit Mohan Shukla,” is a distinguished writer and a source of inspiration for many. A science graduate with postgraduate degrees in English, Education, and Archaeology, he brings a diverse and rich academic background to his work. Lalit is a renowned blog writer, captivating readers with his insightful posts on [Get Inspired by Lalit](https://getinspirebylalit.blogspot.com). His prolific contributions to Employment News and accolades, including the best entry awards in the question of the week column, further attest to his exceptional writing skills. As an experienced educator, Lalit has made significant contributions to the academic community, notably serving as the Secretary of the School Management Committee at Gynodaya Vidyalaya Narmadapuram and Eklavya Model Residential School Bhopal. His profound knowledge and dedication to education and literature make him a respected and influential figure in his field.


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