A Journey through English Literature: Chronicles of Literary Legacy


By: Dr Uday Shankar Ojha

ISBN: 9789358384642

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Page: 351

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“Chronicles of Literary Legacy: A Journey through English Literature” serves as an accessible guide for students exploring the rich tapestry of English literary history. Designed to meet the needs of Indian university curricula, this book takes readers on a chronological journey through centuries of literary evolution, from the Anglo-Saxon era to the complexities of the 20th century.

With clear and concise explanations, readers are introduced to key literary epochs, movements, and trends that have shaped English literature. From the romantic fervor of the 19th century to the avant-garde experimentation of the 20th century, each period is explored with simplicity and clarity.

In addition to historical exploration, the book equips readers with essential tools for understanding and analyzing literary texts. Through discussions on genres, literary terms, and interpretative frameworks, students gain the skills necessary to engage critically with a diverse range of literary works.



Dr. Uday Shankar Ojha, an esteemed poet and Professor of English at Jai Prakash University Chapra, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of English literature. Holding the distinguished position of former Dean of Students’ Welfare and currently serving as the Director of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at the University, Dr. Ojha embodies a commitment to academic excellence and institutional development.

With a rich literary background, Dr. Ojha’s poetic works have graced the pages of prestigious journals and anthologies across the globe, including The Bayou Review (University of Houston, USA), Paddler Press (Ontario, Canada), Roi Faineant Press (New York, USA), Lit 202 (Gloucestershire, England), and Amity: Peace Poems (Hawakal Publishers, Delhi). His poetic prowess transcends borders, resonating with audiences in India, the UK, USA, and Canada.

Dr. Ojha’s academic pursuits culminated in the attainment of his PhD, focused on the poetry of Stephen Spender. This profound exploration served as a cornerstone for his subsequent contributions to the literary world. He has authored and edited numerous books on both British and Indian English poetry, illuminating the nuances and evolution of the literary landscape.

A sought-after speaker, Dr. Ojha has graced podiums across India, delivering lectures that inspire and inform. His scholarly endeavors extend to research papers that enrich academic discourse, with a portfolio boasting several notable contributions. Furthermore, Dr. Ojha’s dedication to fostering intellectual growth is evidenced by his supervision of over twenty PhD scholars, nurturing the next generation of literary scholars.

In his capacity as a poet, professor, and academic leader, Dr. Uday Shankar Ojha continues to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of English literature, bridging cultures and generations through the power of words.


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