Uttari Chhattisgarh Mein Fasal Evm Krishi


By: Dr. Ganesh Ram Rakesh

ISBN: 9789358383836

Price: 575/-

Page: 289

Category: EDUCATION / Research

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This book is connected to “Crops and Agriculture in Northern Chhattisgarh”. The agriculture here exhibits a lot of regional variation, which is mostly owing to the geographical, social and economic context here. About two-thirds of this region is in the area dominated by backward tribal population, along with having uneven topography, which is not able to embrace the changes taking place in agriculture swiftly. Despite government attempts, the pace of improvement in this is slow. What can be the possibilities of agricultural cycle and crop balance in such an area, the possibilities have been analyzed for this. The author has made a diligent effort to show the geographical and agricultural realities of this region by putting before the readers via writing the important possibilities contained in the cultivation of crops of these locations and its different dimensions and delicate features.



Dr. Ganesh Ram Rakesh


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