Love, Loss, Life… Destiny?: An Indian Coming-of-Age Story


By: Debabrata Chatterjee

ISBN: 9788119064700

Page: 290

Price: 449/-

Category: FICTION / General

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What do you do when your adolescence is decimated by personal tragedies? What do you do when the people who should be a source of comfort, only add to your pain and guilt? Can you fight back when the entire world seems against you? How do you rise above when it actually seems like it is you against the entire world; and it starts affecting the relationships you cherish? Can you really reconcile when you are forced to navigate a path you have always hated, by factors you cannot control? How do you start getting affected by these?
‘Love, Loss, Life… Destiny?’ is the story of Anindya and his journey from adolescence to adulthood; through personal losses, brutal ragging and stereotyping, his friendships, close relationships and heartbreaks, and how he responds to and grows through each.”


Debabrata is a boring civil engineer with a machinist work ethic, but with a burning passion for writing. He has been born and brought up in Kolkata during a time of upending of the so-called ‘traditional ideals’ and age-old ‘culture’; and in the City of Joy, has been witness to some not-so-joyous circumstances on the personal front.
The up close and personal exposure to this changing social atmosphere with its ups and downs, and the ongoing (almost) crusade between the ‘irrefutable’ age-old values and the ‘sacrilegious’ emerging ideals; shaped the quiet and studious boy’s outlook and developed his interest in observing people and situations, and the way they tend to react to changes.
When he is not burning the midnight oil pursuing his passion for writing, he loves spending time with his wife and little daughter. He loves reading about astronomy, or tinkering with his casual hobby of photography, or even occasionally experimenting with basic sound mixing. Like most Indians, he loves watching cricket; but is also crazy about tennis and Formula1 racing.


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