Methods for Physichemical Analysis of Water


By: Dr. Vineeta Girdoniya

ISBN: 9789391219826

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About the book

Effective monitoring of the ecological factors is one of the prerequisite of all the environmental studies
and practices. Methodological literature on the examination of physical and chemical parameters of
water is so disseminated that a worker in this field is often confused in search and choice of correct
method. There is hardly any wide-ranging literature to cover the problem entirely. In the present effort,
I have attempted to present the analytical methods as well as the general introduction, importance and
hazards for a wide array of physical and chemical factors pertaining to water.
The subject matter of this book comprises of 25 chapters. The book starts with the chapter one
describing different sampling methods and thereafter chapter 2 to 25 describes about analysis of
different physiochemical factors and their environmental significance.
Although a large number of environmental factors are tried to be covered, but still cannot be regarded
as the definitive. Methods presented in this book are not appealed to be my original, but are taken from
numerous authentic sources to which I am thankful. Little modifications in the methods and calculations
are made wherever felt necessary in order to make them simple to follow and apply. Not all the
methods given here represent to the latest of available ones but the selection is made on the basis of
practicability and ease at no or minimum cost of precision of result. Chemical reactions and principles
involved are also included wherever possible to describe every matter completely. References to the
authors are not made in the text but are included as bibliography at the end.



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