Molecular Biology And Bioinstrumentation And Biotechniques Zooogy Text Book For (B. Sc: – Second Year- Third Semester Nep-2020 Pattern) Session: 2023-2024



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The “”Molecular Biology and Bioinstrumentation and Biotechniques”” Zoology textbook aligns with the Common Minimum Syllabus outlined in the New Education Policy-2020 for the third semester of the second year in higher education across all universities and colleges in Uttar Pradesh. Illustrated examples cater to undergraduate students, emphasizing practical applications, particularly in biological sciences.

Recognizing the importance of ethical values in understanding life and nature, the text underscores the intrinsic value of every animal, advocating for their dignified existence on Earth. Beyond assessing monetary worth, the book delves into the ethical and inherent values associated with animals, emphasizing respect for life and the divine creation of nature.

The “”Molecular Biology and Bioinstrumentation and Biotechniques”” Zoology textbook explores the cellular and genetic aspects, focusing on the structure and function of genes. It plays a significant role in advancing our understanding of the world through the scientific study of bioinstruments and genetic processes, offering additional knowledge to students.

The study of this textbook contributes essential information about the natural surroundings and habitats of various creatures, crucial for maintaining ecological balance. Authors delve into the lifestyle and survival processes of animals, striving to create a conducive environment for their recovery and population growth.

Tailored for advanced-level graduate students, the textbook covers processes such as gene transcription, translation, genetic code, and gene expression regulation. It explores post-translation modifications, various types of microscopy, centrifugal machines, chromatography, calorimetry, spectrophotometry, radio-tracer techniques, and molecular techniques like PCR, RFLP, PAGE, ELISA, Western blotting, and Hybridoma technology.

Encompassing the latest findings, the book includes supportive data and photographs to aid in understanding molecular biology, bioinstrumentation, and biotechniques. It serves as a comprehensive guide for students aspiring to pursue careers in these fields, providing a thorough understanding of common basic knowledge.

The authors’ pioneering efforts in creating this textbook align with the National Education Policy-2020 Common Minimum Syllabus for the third semester of the second year, benefitting undergraduate students across all Uttar Pradesh universities and colleges. The “”Molecular Biology and Bioinstrumentation and Biotechniques”” Zoology textbook proves equally valuable for academicians and undergraduate students alike.


1. **Dr. Sanjai Kumar Gupta**
– Assistant Professor, Zoology
– Silkworm Laboratory & Head, Department of Zoology
– Veer Bahadur Singh Post Graduate Government Degree College Campierganj, Gorakhpur-273158 U.P (INDIA)
– Qualifications: M.Sc, Ph.D, LSARSD, FSEZR, FGAS, SASRD, NASSI-L N0-270, FSASS, ISC-L37668 (Kolkata) Entomology (Sericulture)
– Current Agriculture Journal member
– Global Academic Society member-22
– Editorial team in European journal of Science
– Member in Advances in life science, FGAS (Member of Global Academy Society)
– MBSS & FBSS (Member Fellows of Boss Science Society) & MABRF (Asian Biological Research Foundation/Editorial member)
– Awarded by Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad International Award by HOPE Foundation, 2020 U.S.A
– Life member in Scholars Academic and Society and National Academy of Sericulture
– Email:

2. **Dr. Jaya Singh**
– M.Sc. Gold Medalist, Ph. D & Basic Education Teacher
– Associated with Natural Product Laboratory, Department of Zoology
– D.D.U Gorakhpur University Gorakhpur-273009
– Email:

3. **Dr. Sunil Kumar Singh**
– M.Sc, Ph.D, Fishery, Young Scientist Award, SERB, DST, New Delhi in 2007
– Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
– Associate to Natural Product Laboratory
– D.D.U Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur-273009
– Email:

4. **Dr. Digvijay Singh**
– M. Sc, Ph. D
– SRF (ICAR), NBFGR-LKO & Research Associate (CSIR)
– Head, Department of Zoology
– Mahanth Avaidyanath Government Degree College, Jungle Kaudia, Gorakhpur – 276165 U.P.(INDIA)
– Email:


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