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About the book

The book is about a boy who is neglected and underestimated by our society. The story says how he overcomes all his obstacles and establishes himself in the society and wins everyone’s heart. Though he has not much interest in study but his intelligence and interest in other field place him in the position of hero. The story says, ‘Education and execution are not linked for genius’ and ‘Impossible doesn’t mean not possible rather it means intelligence makes possible’. It also says, ‘Number of school and university certificate doesn’t define one’s life’.

About the author

I hail from a very ordinary middle class family and like to lead a simple life. I love writing and this habit develops in me since my childhood. Number is third published book. The other two books are Old Age Home and Dr. Munda. Apart from these, various short stories and poems have been published in various magazines and newspapers. I love to see everyone happy. Seeing others happy makes me happy. I am a degree engineer. I have two sons Bedoprakash and Jyotiprakash. I have a big family as I think every reader of my book is my family member.


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