Boond – Akelepan Se Likhi Kavitaen


By:Vinay Sukhiyajiwala




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About the book

ye kitab sab ke liye he jisne shayad akelepn ko dekha ho aur shayad unke liye jo akelepan ko mehsus krna chahte ho aur jo akelepan me reh raaha he sach ye he ki hum sab akele he to ye dekhna boht jaruri he ki akelapan hota kya he…unka maana he ki kavita ek dheemi dhoon he jo sab ki zindagi me samay ke chlte badalti rehti he kavita to kavita hoti he pr uss kavita ka naam har lamhe me badalta rehta he. jab sab choot chuka tha, jab umid na thi, ye jo majboori thi wahi unki kavita he poore gole me ek bindu aesa hota he jaha hum ilzaam bina jail me ked ho gaye hote he jaha aachai ko bhi hatiyaaro se nawaaja jata he aur buraioo pe to jism kaata jata he wo bindu ki raat aesi kaali hoti he jese maan lo hum prithvi ke bahari asmaan me ter rahe ho jaha aakhen hoiti he, per bhi hote he, log bhi hote he pr dikhai kuch nhi deta wesa hie kuch wo bindu he jaha nind aati nhi aur yaad chooti nhi ek pal me khushi hoti he aur iske thik agle wale pal me dukh hota he. inhi bich us bindu ka rang badalta he aur inhi pal me wo paano pe tahalta he aakhon ke samne raat hoti jati he aur din nikal te jate pr wo ek jagah pr pade bikhar ne lagta he ye bindu har taraf chakar lagata he pr reh jata he jo iss gole ke thik bich khada he jo jinda he wo issara krta he pr wo khoya hota he aur wo maar jata he na log kiye ki kimat krte he na uske naam ke aashu bahate he na wo khud se jood pata he….

kyu hu me bund
jab wo he poore samunder ka hissa ? —Vinay Sukhiyajiwala

About the author

Vinay Sukhiyajiwala is India’s first of now many ‘Hinglish’ writers,Who is just 18 years old when he write his first book, An Studying Engineering and an Artist by Sketching and Painting, 18 year boy an Studying, an Artist by Drawing and Painting the combination has been unseen in the world of writing. But that is what he is, he believes that if we think of anything that will be done and the words of that thinking have some electromagnetic energy which helps us to go further towards our goal.

He is the first person to present An Animated Drawings in Hindi Poetry, and his Drawings and Painting and various art work, catch the audience at college and school who come eager to see his artwork. He use to go Drawing Class in class 3rd but at that time he didn’t have any idea that drawing’s imagination help him to create something good and, when he is in class 9th he learn the software of photo editing so that he edit his own photos to put post on Social Media just to impress beautiful girls and also he help his friends to edit their photos but that one single software help him to draw animated drawings and now he is here today with his new and first book.

Vinay Sukhiyajiwala is a first boy who is starting one foundation with his first book to help people who are alone and who are facing loneliness which is free of cost and also it’s very rare. He believes that in deep inside we all are alone, In one whole day there are so many moments where we can’t able to sit at one place alone we call someone or ask someone to sit but reality is that the person who is on call is also busy and he/she also have there work so he\she will not give you time daily so,then what to do? Answer is that you have to stay alone you have to because you did not have any other thing then you say I gonna use mobile at that time this is the time were we get addicted towards smart phone, in this modern age we can’t able sit at one place alone. But why? What to do at that time? How to treat yourself at that time? Those are the questions which people should question themselves but they can’t. And Vinay wants to make people aware that they are alone no matter what, no matter who the person is with them no one stays with you and that’s the reality.


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