Patrkarita ke Vibhinn Ang


By: Prof. Sanjib Kumar Mishra, Prof. (Dr.) Abhimanyu Kumar Jha

ISBN: 9788195958276

Page: 92

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About the book

Journalism is called the fourth pillar of democracy. Today its scope has become multi-dimensional and it encompasses a wide range of issues. Journalism has proved its usefulness in every field. In the present era, every field of life is belonging to journalism. The logic behind it is that as far as the aspiration, curiosity and need of man goes, journalism is there to serve the mankind.
From kitchen to Science and Technology, Politics to Sports, Agriculture to Economy, Fashion to Environment, Print to Electronic Media, Radio to Social Media and Crime to Administration, it is covering all the fields.
The importance and usefulness of journalism can be easily realized through this book.
This book is going to prove to be a boon for the students learning the nuances of journalism.

About the author

Prof. Sanjib Kumar Mishra, Prof. (Dr.) Abhimanyu Kumar Jha


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