Prabandhan ke Mantra : For Executive Officers and All Managers


By: Awadhesh Kumar Nema

ISBN: 9789358389531

Price: 300/-

Page: 171

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The book serves as a compendium of Mantras or techniques, essential for managing the responsibilities of an Executive Officer or a Managers of any institution. This book covers managing tricks and tacts for all most all stake holders involved in the process of achieving any goal. Major stakeholders are defined in the book as a Manager, his Field and Office staff, his Higher Officials, his institution’s Board Members, Beneficiaries, Public Media and Public Representatives.

All these stakeholder are required to be managed by a manager or an executive officer. This book includes all practical and useful techniques for managing all these stakeholders. These Mantras or techniques, are derived from the author’s 40 years of experience, as an executive officer in the public sector. All these techniques are solely based on personal experiences and authors life. Authors has lived with these techniques and found them very practical. All techniques which are named as Mantras, are equally applicable for management in any field.

This book is useful for any head of office in public sector or private sector, viz. Sub-Divisional Officer, Executive Engineers, District Level Officer, Divisional Level Officer, Deputy Directors, Joint Director, Superintending Engineer, Director and Managing Director of any Institution. Hope, it may find its place in the field of management.


Author, Awadhesh Kumar Nema, born on March 22, 1961, in Jabalpur, holds an M.Tech degree in Soil and Water Conservation Engineering from IIT Kharagpur 1984, and has undergone a specialized training in Watershed Management from Queensland, Australia in 2000. He has achieved significant success and recognition in the field of Soil and Water Management, through his skills, experience, and contributions.

Authors has made significant contributions in the Agriculture Department of Madhya Pradesh with various roles, as Executive Officers. He was also worked as Asstt Professor in Agricultural University, Jabalpur, in initial years of services. He posses with vast experience of all three spheres. i.e. Teaching, Research and Extension,

He has received several awards for his outstanding services in the field of Soil and Water Management, including the Rastriya Gaurav Award in 2011, the CM Excellence Award in IT Sector in individual Category, in MP. 2013 and State Level CM Excellence Award for Lok Seva Prabandhan 2014. He is writer of many books and publication regarding Soil and Water Management and Sustainable Agriculture. All his publications are very much appreciated by farmers and govt officials as well. He is also a guest faculty in various State Level Institute and known for explaining the complex subject in a simlified manner.


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