Premacha Aabhash


By: Tejol Ashok Sasane

ISBN: 9789395300865

Price: 150/-

Page: 80

Category: FICTION / Romance / General

Delivery Time: 7-9 Days



My book “Premacha Aabhash” is a Story of an young woman. They fall in love with each other, but the girl’s house does not allow their love, yet the girl loves the boy deeply, and the boy loves her with the same intensity. For some days they stopped talking, suddenly! A boy falls in love with another girl. That girl is very attractive, but? Just by face. But in the heart she is very greedy, scheming, deceitful in her heart. The boy Couldn’t forgett the beauty of that girl. and forgets his previous love. The beautiful girl leaves him.. That boy feels very sad. Once while standing at the bus stop, he meets a girl who is the friend of the same girl he loves first ., and then what next! Happening?


My name is Tejol Ashok Sasane. I am pursuing M. Com degree in Siddharth college. I had no such thing in mind writing a book. but one day I thought that I am writing a poem and in evry time colleage compitation i get certificate about my poem So i think why not i am write a book . I wrote book. A sense of love. Premacha Abhash is my first book.


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