Shadi Se Santushti – Corona Se Atmagyan 3


By: Rounak ‘Nirmohi’

ISBN: 9789358381047

Price: 450/-

Page: 292

Category: POETRY / General

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This book presents a successful marriage as a solution to many social problems while explaining the importance of marriage. By changing the ways to make marriage successful, it raises awareness among all sections of society. It attempts to balance society by discussing sex education. It also elucidates the path from intimacy to liberation to expand the narrow social thinking regarding sex. While presenting general knowledge of Bhairavi Tantra and Kamakhya Tantra, it endeavors to establish Tantra as a part of everyday life. Although most of the poems in this book are dedicated to the positive development of society through sex education, there is also extensive discussion on all other related topics.


The birth of Rounak ‘Nirmohi’ took place in the small town of Karera in Madhya Pradesh in the year 1987. After completing his early education from Navodaya Vidyalaya, he obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Arts. He established himself as an artist by participating in numerous solo and group art exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Rounak’s paintings are turning towards spirituality, replacing materialism with spirituality, a perspective also evident in his poetry. During the time of the coronavirus pandemic, he wrote two books, the first being ‘Corona Se Atmagyan’ and the second, ‘Santushti – Corona Se Atmagyan – 2’. This is the third part of the Corona Se Atmagyan series. The fourth part is also ready and will be published soon.



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