The Dark Truth – An Unrecognized Psychopath


By:Dr. Rabiya Shareef

ISBN: 9789394607385

Page: 30

PRICE:  99

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

It is dark, engrossing and suspenseful plot- driven story.Hannah, a sober girl who is least interested in this world which according to her is fake. In this fake world she finds a true friend Sarah, who brings thrill and excitement to her life. They shared a very special bond and were best of friends. Also they were pretty much determined towards their goal to become a Lawyer. Sequence of events led their paths away and got them celebrating Christmas eve in two different countries, away from each other. One day Hannah wakes up to a fearsome nightmare about Sarah which brings her back to her hometown, Chicago. She comes back to find out that her beloved friend is no more alive. What led to the death of a perfectly fine girl? Was it anormal death? or a brutal murder? Will Hannah ever know truth behind this unexpected death of Sarah? Read the complete story to unleash the untold and hidden dark secrets which leads to a murder mystery of Hannah’s soul sister, Sarah!!

About the author

“Who am I?” I’m a young, enthusiastic teenager and I am who I am and tomorrow maybe someone else entirely. Regardless of anything what matters is only oneself and what one creates from what one had learned. Here I’m, taking my very first step towards my hopes and dreams. It is in this capacity that I hope you will cherish this handy-sized book close to you as small expression of my humanity and encourage my baby steps. Also thanks to my family who encouraged me to indulge myself in medieval fantasies, my friends who enjoy my eclectic ways and provide great suggestions and my teachers who inspire me daily to reach for my dreams and to aim for the stars. All the people around me provide insightful feedback to help my polishing efforts and their enthusiasm keeps me going. Never knew I’d come this far.. from telling short fun stories to writing and publishing my own first book. I promise to bring you a whole bunch of new stories and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Welcome to my new frontier!!!


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