The Silent World


By: Sutikshan Rana

ISBN: 9788196086145

Page: 99

Price: 500

Category:POETRY / General

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About the book

In this collection of Silent World poetry book, Sutikshan boldly brings the contemporary awakening in young people’s lives and puts practical aspects in the spotlight.These are poems of sliding scale: some capture a flare of a valour and courage; some collage a series of jungle world; and some urge the necessary changes that society should have; and few show love for their nation that provides freedom, life and livable world. Sutikshan brings out various emotions attached to different elements in society.Silent World is a strong and luminous book by an athletic and adventurous citizen who wants to inspire awakening in every citizen around world to remain his own identity since everyone is a precious gem .

About the author

Sutikshan is an English poet who has enriched the world of poetry with his beautiful works. He is a passionate lover, adventurous and has his own sympathetic corner for the silent world of unrecognised people and their thoughts due to poverty, injustice, helplessness, discrimination etc.He even wrote his concern in his literary work of stories in the book titled soul that speak and generated awakening to rise up and fight for one’s right by joining hands with humanity and bright world of hope.Some of the poems are rebellion in nature, as he himself have fought hard to overcome challenges he faced in life.The readers will enjoy the beautiful thoughts that are carved in Silent World.


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