Bikhre Moti


By: Surendra Prasad

ISBN: 9788119064007

Page: 35

Price: 99

Category:POETRY / General

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About the book

IScattered pearls are a confluence of Byang and Bishad, in this era of modernity, people are forgetting their dignity, modernity is pulling people towards distraction, children are forgetting their duty towards their parents. Incidents are happening daily due to the trend of love affair, youths are ruining their own lives by getting carried away by this disorientation. Today’s love is no longer a sacred relationship, it has become a game of attraction and repulsion. Some of the poetry in Scattered Pearls reflects my soul story. I hope the poignancy of this creation of mine will touch your heart.

About the author

I was born in a middle family. God has not written my destiny in a good way, maybe it must have been the result of my previous birth. My childhood passed through a lot of trouble, but the special grace of Mother Saraswati was on me, which I got posted as an administrator in a government job with my own will power. After getting retirement, a mountain of misery broke down in my life, the more love I gave, the more he despised me. The reward of faithfulness was received in unfaithfulness. To whom would I narrate my tragedy, the heartache could not be suppressed, the tale of inner pain sprouted into a poem.


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