The Way of Aromatic Body Preservation



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In the bustling tapestry of Ayurveda, ancient wisdom whispers secrets of harnessing nature’s bounty for holistic well-being. This book embarks on a fascinating journey, unveiling a potent solution to the irritant sting of formalin – a ubiquitous yet harsh chemical. Our guiding star? A quartet of fragrant oils, each brimming with the restorative essence of the Indian soil.
Neelgiri, with its invigorating menthol breath, promises to soothe inflamed tissues and ease the discomfort caused by formalin’s harsh touch. Camphor, a crystalline treasure, exudes a cooling embrace, further alleviating irritation and promoting a sense of calm. Aloe vera, nature’s liquid bandage, steps forward with its nourishing embrace, promoting healing and reducing redness. Finally, neem, the sentinel of health, lends its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory prowess, shielding the skin from further harm.
But this book delves deeper than a mere recipe. It delves into the scientific intricacies of formalin’s irritant nature, exploring its mechanisms and the toll it takes on the human body. We’ll then embark on a fragrant odyssey, unveiling the rich tapestry of each oil’s botanical heritage, their unique therapeutic properties, and how they synergize to form a formidable shield against formalin’s assault.
This is not just a book about masking discomfort; it’s a testament to the enduring power of Ayurveda to harness nature’s wisdom for gentle, effective solutions. It’s a story of resilience, of unearthing potent allies from the verdant embrace of the Indian subcontinent. As you turn these pages, prepare to be captivated by the aromatic symphony of these oils, their therapeutic prowess, and the promise they hold for mitigating formalin’s harsh grip.
So, dear reader, join us on this fragrant exploration. Let’s unlock the secrets of these oils, unveil their power to soothe and heal, and rediscover the timeless magic of Ayurveda, where nature’s embrace offers solace even in the face of modern-day challenges.
Remember, this is just a starting point. Feel free to tailor it further to your specific research, findings, and the overall tone of your book. I’m here to help you craft a compelling introduction that captivates your readers and sets the stage for your fascinating exploration.


Dr. Himanshu Verma, BAMS, MD (AYU). He has passed his under graduation from Major S.D. Singh P.G. Ayurvedic Medical College Fatehgarh Farrukhabad Uttarpradesh and post-graduation from Parul Institute of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat with specialization in the subject of Rachana Sharir Author has published 4 research papers in various Scopus, web of science and international peer review Journal. He has presented different papers and posters in national and international seminar & webinar during post-graduation along with this author sound knowledge of orthopedic

Dr. AKASHDEEP A MESHRAM, BAMS, C.C.M, Diploma in CRCDM, MD (AYU), presently he is working as professor & Guide in the PG & Ph.D. department of Rachana Sharir, Parul Institute of Ayurveda, Parul University, Vadodara Gujarat, India. He has passed his under graduation from Ganga Ed’n Society’s, A.M.C. Kolhapur. (Shivaji University) and post-graduation from Ashtang Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Pune Maharashtra in year 2004 with specialization in the subject of Rachana Sharir. Ex-Research Fellow & Domain Expert – AyuSoft Software, CDAC India, Pune, Author is having more than 15 Years of UG, PG and Ph.D. teaching experience. Author has published more than 29 research papers in various international, peer reviewed, web of science journals and author already published 2 book. E-MAIL-

DR. DHARA V. PATEL, BAMS, MD (AYU). She has passed her under graduation from G.J.Patel Ayurveda college, New vidyanagar, Anand and post-graduation from Parul Institute Of Ayurved, Vadodara, Gujarat with specialization in the subject of Rachana Sharir. Author was developer for “”Sira Sharira””. Author has published 1 research paper in web of science journal and 2 research paper in Scopus journals and 1 research paper in international peer review journal. She has presented different papers and posters in national and international seminar & webinar during post-graduation. E-MAIL-


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