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Unlocking India’s 5 Top Book Writing Trends 2022 – What Has Changed?

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India is witnessing a surge in the number of book writers and authors. There has been an explosion in the popularity and demand for writers to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge. This has led to the emergence of Top Book Writing Trends 2022 in India. In this article, we will analyze some of the main trends that are shaping the current book writing and publishing industry in India. We will look at how these trends are impacting authors, publishers, and readers alike.

Exploring the Growing Popularity of Book Writing in India

In recent years, book writing has become increasingly popular in India. With the rise of the internet, more people have been able to access literature and resources -both online and off – that help them to craft their own stories. There are a variety of websites, blogs, and digital communities that have made it easier for aspiring authors to start writing and share their work. Authors have also been encouraged to search for markets and make contacts with publishing companies. This has helped to create more opportunities for authors to not only get published, but to also make money from their work.

Additionally, books are being used as tools for cultural and social change. In India, authors are using books to confront issues like gender inequality and human rights violations. Numerous authors have produced works that have helped to draw attention to these issues, which is making book writing more popular than ever before.

Emergence of Writing Guides and Online Platforms

The increase in demand for book writing has also led to the emergence of specialized writing guides and online platforms. Aspiring authors are now able to access resources and advice that would have previously been inaccessible. These guides and platforms are designed to help authors to create content that can compete in the current industry.

Moreover, online publishing platforms make the process of publishing a book much easier. Authors are able to produce and distribute their work to a global audience, without the need to seek out traditional publishing opportunities. The existence of these platforms has also removed a lot of the financial burden associated with book writing, as authors are no longer required to pay for printing and shipping costs.

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Increase in Book Writing Competitions

With the rise in popularity of book writing, many organizations have begun to host book writing competitions. These competitions often offer large cash prizes to the winner and provide a great platform for authors to showcase their writing skills to the world. Such competitions also allow authors to receive feedback on their writing, which can help them to improve their craft.

These competitions provide authors with the opportunity to work with experienced writers and editors, who provide helpful advice and guidance. Such professional interactions provide authors with necessary skills and knowledge to ensure their writing is of the highest standard. Such competitions can also open up the door to publishing opportunities, as the competition sponsors often work with a plethora of publishing houses.

Rise in Book Publishing Trends

The book publishing industry in India is growing rapidly. Numerous publishers are emerging to meet the growing demand for books. Publishers are also investing more in authors and their books, which is helping to support the development of authors’ careers.

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In addition to offering cash rewards, publishers are also offering services such as editing, marketing, coaching, and promotion. These services are designed to ensure that authors’ books are of the highest quality and reach their target audience. Furthermore, some publishers are now offering authors the opportunity to self-publish their work, increasing the possibilities for authors to make their voices heard.


Book writing has become increasingly popular in India, leading to the emergence of various trends and new opportunities for aspiring authors. This article has explored five of the key trends in the Indian book writing industry that authors, publishers, and readers alike should be aware of. As book writing continues to grow in India, new trends and opportunities will continue to emerge in the industry.

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