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Top 5 Bestselling Book Genres of All Time


It is essential that you choose the appropriate genre for your narrative. This significant choice may have an effect on your capacity to communicate with the appropriate audience. It is not simple to decide which literary subgenre is superior given the extensive number of options available in the field of literature. Do you want to have a good writing career as quickly as possible? You need to educate yourself on the kind of books that are sold the most often on Amazon. You may make your book a bestseller and stay ahead of trends to optimise your sales if you find out the Top 5 Bestselling Book Genres of All Time on Amazon. This will allow you to sell more books.

The year 2022 will be remembered as the one that brought unforeseen circumstances, events, and adjustments to practically every facet of our lives. And the world of writing, reading, and publishing is not an exception to this rule, from the many book genres to the act of reading itself.

What is Book Genre?

Simply said, a genre is an overarching category that your work may be placed under. This will become clear in the book’s overarching topic as well as its narrative progression. It assists readers in determining which novels they are most likely to like reading.

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Top 5 Bestselling Book Genres of All Time

Here is the list of top 5 bestselling book genres:

Romance – Most Popular Book Genre

When it comes to overall book sales, romance novels are perhaps the most successful genre. Within the romance genre, readers have a propensity to remain faithful to the works of their favourite writers. The paranormal romance and the historical romance subgenres are two of the most popular variations on the romance genre. Since many years ago, romance has maintained a place at the top of the list of book genres that are the most popular with buyers. In point of fact, it has never been outside of the top five book categories in terms of sales.

Top Romance Books and Authors

Sales of Romance Books:

The combined unit sales of romance books in print and digital media surpassed 47 million in 2021. This figure includes all mediums. When compared to the previous year, 2020, which saw 37.9 million sales units, this is a 24% increase.

Crime Thriller and Mystery

Suspense and horror are a kind of popular genre literature that are only tangentially linked to mysteries and, at times, fantasy. These types of stories ramp up the tension and shock factor. It’s not about the payoff so much as the buildup, the shocks, and even the disappointments. Stories about criminal activity and unsolved mysteries are not only exciting and entertaining but also, most of the time, believable.

Top Crime Thriller and Mystery Books

Sales of Crime Thriller and Mystery Books:

14.1 million units for the year to date through month-ending May 2021.

Self Help/ Motivational:

Self-help books are one of the most popular types of non-fiction books, while romance novels continue to be the most popular kind of fiction book. These works are written with the main intention of assisting readers in growing on a personal, emotional, or spiritual level. These works aid readers in resolving issues in their personal or professional lives, increasing their level of intellectual development, maintaining their motivation, establishing and maintaining positive habits, and generally improving their quality of life.

Top Self Help Books

Sales of Self Help Books

According to Market, this industry is estimated to grow to $13.2 billion by 2022.

Young Adult

Books labelled “Young Adult” (YA) are intended for readers aged 12–18 but are often read by adults as well. Problems that teenagers experience are a common theme in these works. Young Adults are one of the most popular and bestselling genres of all time.

Bestselling Books in Young Adult Genre

Children’s Books

Both printed and electronic versions of children’s books have tremendous amounts of readership. Generally speaking, children read more books than adults do. This is due to the fact that they find it enjoyable to get immersed in a made-up world. The use of humour in children’s literature is becoming more popular. Both children and their parents, many of whom will undoubtedly be interested in reading this book, enjoy a good belly laugh.

Bestselling Children’s Books

Conclusion – Most Popular Book Genres

Some authors are interested in the degree of competition present in certain book genres and have expressed a desire to acquire knowledge on the locations of possible publishing chances. We have high hopes that our essay on the most successful book genres of all time will be of use to you as you plan your next book and the marketing for it. Pick a field of writing that you are certain you will be able to do well in. By doing so, you may amass a following of devoted readers who are certain to like each of your publications. It would be a tremendous advantage for you if your book could be classified as belonging to one of these categories.

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