Aadivashi Janstar: Vikash Evm Chunautiya


By: Dr. Mamta Khandelwal

ISBN: 9789358385991

Price: 499/-

Page: 196

Category: EDUCATION / Rural

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This book provides an in-depth discussion on the development, conservation, and rights of indigenous communities in Indian society. It is a collection of studies written by various researchers analyzing the status of indigenous communities, their social structures, cultural heritage, and the challenges to their legal rights. Through studies written by authors with expertise in various fields, the book presents the nuanced diversity of indigenous life. It delves deep into the traditions, cultures, and legal systems of indigenous societies, which are crucial for their development and preservation. This book is essential for all those working to understand, support, and integrate indigenous communities, and it will be a valuable resource for other members of society to listen to and understand the voices of these communities.



Dr Shiv Kumar Chaudhary, Dr Mamta Khandelwal, Dr Ruchi Kashyap



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