Conspiracy and Conspirators: Mahatma Gandhi Assassination Case


By: Satya Kasturi

ISBN: 9789358381344

Page:  313

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On the evening of January 30, 1948, a man named Nathuram Godse fired three shots into Mahatma Gandhi’s chest, all of which hit their target. His exact objectives, on the other hand, are purposefully disguised at this time. This book is an effort to remind us that Gandhi’s assassination was not the result of an act of random violence committed by a thoughtless killer. It was the climax of a conspiracy to commit a murder in cold blood. This assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, Nathuram Godse, rose to fame seemingly out of nowhere. When his assassination rocked the world on January 30, 1948, very little was known about him by the Indian state or the general public. He was rarely a major player in the system of Hindu communal politics to which he belonged. His use of violence against Gandhi transformed him from a minor troublemaker into a historical figure.


Satya Kasturi


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