Economic Geography: For M.Sc Geography (Final)


By: Kundan Lal Bhatti

ISBN: 9789358387018

Page:  101

Price:  190/-

Category: EDUCATION / General

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Author kundan lal bhatti write a latest book in the field of Geography. In this book Author try to elaborate various topics in the field of “”Economic Geography””. Author explains here Nature of Economic geography, Definition, Geographical &Economic factors. It’s scope, basics, importance, economic geography relationship with other social sciences, Economic classification, renewable & non-renewable resources, coal, iron, Petroleum industry, Cotton Textile industry, International trade, basis, factors, types. classification of economics, world agriculture types, classification of industries manufacturing, factor effecting, Major ocean trade routes, Suez canal, it’s advantages, Panama canal, it’s importance and problems. New structure in economic, economic activities, Rural &Urban markets, factors & it’s advantages, Globalization, Definition, impact on environment, types, Globalization causes.


Kundan Lal Bhatti is a eminent author of the world. More than 30 books written by him. He has a eccentric contribution in literature. Theirs 13 books approved by Director Public Instruction Schools Punjab, Chandigarh. His fifteen (15) times name mentioned in “India Book of Records”, fifteen (15) times in “Asia Book of records”. One time in “International Book of Records”. One time in “Indias world records”. He has a great, unique, well known personality in literature. Author is really a hard worker litterateur.



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