Handbook of General Biochemistry


By: Dr. Rajib Mandal, Mr. K.B. Purushothama

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Welcome to the “Handbook of General Biochemistry.” This handbook is designed to serve as a fundamental resource for both students and practitioners delving into the intricate world of biochemical principles. Biochemistry, the science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms, is an ever-evolving field at the heart of understanding life’s molecular intricacies.

This handbook provides a structured approach to understanding the key biochemical components that form the foundation of life: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Each section elucidates the structure, function, and significance of these essential biomolecules, offering a comprehensive overview of their roles in biological systems.

The detailed exploration of carbohydrates encompasses their diverse structures, metabolic pathways, and reactions, providing a nuanced understanding of their significance in energy production, cell structure, and signaling processes. Proteins, the workhorses of cellular function, are dissected to unravel their diverse functions, structures, and interactions, shedding light on their crucial roles in enzymatic reactions, structural support, and regulatory mechanisms.

Lipids, often recognized for their roles in energy storage and membrane formation, are elucidated in detail, highlighting their structural diversity and multifaceted functions in cellular processes. Vitamins and minerals, vital micronutrients, are examined for their indispensable roles as cofactors, antioxidants, and regulators of essential physiological functions.
Furthermore, this handbook delves into the intricate realm of biochemical reactions, specifically focusing on the reactions of carbohydrates. Detailed discussions on the analysis of unknown sugars and methods for estimation serve as valuable tools for researchers and students aiming to unravel the complexities of carbohydrate biochemistry.

This handbook is crafted to be a companion for enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive understanding of general biochemistry. It aims to provide a clear and concise elucidation of the intricate biochemical processes governing life, encouraging curiosity, exploration, and a deeper appreciation for the molecular complexities that underpin biological systems.

We hope this handbook serves as an invaluable resource, aiding in the quest for knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the captivating world of biochemistry.


Dr. Rajib Mandal, a revered textbook author with over eight years of expertise, serves as the Associate Professor and Principal at the Netra Jyothi Institute of Allied Health Sciences in Udupi. Holding a Ph.D., Dr. Mandal is both a distinguished educator and a prolific contributor to the field. His textbooks, revered for their clarity and depth, are essential resources, reflecting his commitment to educating and empowering students and professionals. Beyond his literary contributions, Dr. Mandal actively engages in research and fosters an environment of innovation, leaving an enduring legacy in Allied Health Sciences.

K.B. Purushothama, MSc MLT (Biochemistry) from Father Muller Medical College, Mangalore, is a distinguished member of the teaching faculty at Netra Jyothi Institute of Allied Health Sciences in Udupi. With expertise in Biochemistry, Purushothama is renowned for translating complex biochemical concepts into accessible knowledge for students. His commitment to advancing biochemistry education and research is evident through scholarly contributions and a passion for fostering a deep understanding of human health and disease among allied health professionals.



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