By: Indar M Rajaani

ISBN: 9788119064120


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About the book

This book is about how you can adopt a healthy active lifestyle & get healthier & happier, By following the 5 pillars of good health which I have followed for the last 16 years. Like everyone else during my 30s, my focus was only on my career & this went on till I was 50 years old. I hurt myself, put on excess weight & got out of shape, struggled with eating and body issues, or otherwise found myself in the weeds of illness, injury, and suffering. In fact, I had to quit my high-profile, high-paying job at age of 49. The process of healing myself inspired me to write my experience summarizing in 5 simple steps( which I call the “5 PILLARS OF GOOD HEALTH’ to help others now to heal too… If I can do why not you one can do?

About the author

I am Indar M Rajaani – IT & Banker turned wellness/weight loss, coach. BCom Graduate by education with 10 years of experience in Accounting & taxation 22 years in IT field. The last job I quit as VP IT Operation with MNC Bank. I am operating a WELLNESS CENTRE from Vashi, Navi Mumbai. I am in this profession for more than 16 years. To date, I have designed a Diet for more than 1,000 clients & more than 500 people have already reshaped their Shape where they love to stay for the rest of their life.


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