Textbook of CEVS & Instrumentation


By: Dr. Rajib Mandal

ISBN: 9789358385595

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Page: 297

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Welcome to this textbook on the Clinical Evaluation of the Visual System and ophthalmic instruments! This book is intended for optometrists, optometry students, and ophthalmology residents who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between clinical practice and the underlying optical principles.

Our passion for these subject stems from our own early experiences in optometry institutions. While we grasped the how-to evaluate many clinical tests, we often craved a more nuanced understanding of the why. How exactly did this instrument work? What principles of optics were at play? This gap in knowledge we realized was crucial to not only performing the tests accurately but also interpreting the results with confidence.

This textbook is designed to bridge that gap. It goes beyond simply providing step-by-step instructions for using ophthalmic instruments. Instead, it explores into the fascinating world of optics and explains how these principles translate into the various clinical tests we perform every day. By understanding the scientific foundation behind each test, you’ll be better equipped to not only perform them flawlessly but also to analyse the results with a deeper level of insight.

This book is filled with clear explanations, helpful diagrams, and real-world case studies to reinforce the concepts presented. Whether you’re a seasoned optometrist or a wide-eyed student, we believe this book will provide you with a valuable resource as you navigate the world of clinical evaluation and ophthalmic instruments.

Now, let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the secrets behind seeing!



Dr. Rajib Mandal, an esteemed author and expert in the field of optometry. With a remarkable career as a dedicated optometrist, Dr. Mandal currently serves as the Associate Professor and Principal at the prestigious Netra Jyothi College of Para Medical Sciences in Udupi. His extensive educational background, including a Ph.D., a Master’s degree in Optometry, a Diploma in Pediatric Optometry, and Postgraduate Diploma in Low Vision Rehabilitation, Diploma in Community medicine, showcases his commitment to advancing the field.

Dr. Mandal’s passion for Optometry and his wealth of experience have not only made him a distinguished educator but also a respected authority in the field. His contributions to the world of optometry extend beyond his teaching role, as he has authored numerous insightful books that serve as invaluable resources for both students and practitioners in the optometry community. Dr. Mandal’s work continues to shape the future of Optometry, making him a sought-after author and educator in the field.


Mr. Rahul Roy is a passionate educator and author with over 7 years of experience in clinical practice and teaching optometry. He serves as the Vice Principal and Associate Professor at the Nethradhama School of Optometry in Bengaluru, India. He completed his Master of Optometry (M.Optom), Amity University (2014-16)and currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Optometry.

Mr. Roy’s expertise lies in clinical optometry, contact lens education, low vision and geriatric care, and the application of clinical and educational instruments. He actively contributes to the field through research and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

His professional affiliations include memberships in the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (IACLE) and the Board of Studies (BOS) AHS at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS).


Mr. Kamal Thakur has completed Master of Optometry between 2018 and 2020 from Sushant University. His passion for the field is clear from the impressive achievements. Kamal was awarded the esteemed FIACLE fellowship in 2024 and has actively contributed to the advancement of knowledge through numerous publications in both national and international journals.

Further demonstrating his dedication to the field, Kamal Thakur founded the Optominsight blog, a platform for sharing insights and knowledge on optometry and vision sciences. He is also a recognized innovator, having been granted a patent for their work.



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