Sailing through Stories: Experiential Learning from the Works of Amitav Ghosh


By: Dr. Pushkal Giri

ISBN: 9789358383294

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Page: 219

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“Sailing through Stories: Experiential Learning from the Works of Amitav Ghosh” invites readers on a captivating journey through the literary tapestry woven by acclaimed author Amitav Ghosh. The book emphasizes experiential learning in literature, forging personal connections to narratives. It explores Ghosh’s works, including “The Shadow Lines,” “The Calcutta Chromosome,” “The Sea of Poppies,” “The Glass Palace,” “The Hungry Tide,” and the Ibis Trilogy – “River of Smoke” and “Flood of Fire.” Applying experiential learning methodologies, the book encourages active engagement with characters, themes, and historical contexts. Readers reflect on personal growth and connect narratives to global issues. The transformative power of literature shines through, leaving a profound appreciation for Ghosh’s masterpieces. An indispensable guide for literature enthusiasts, educators, and those seeking immersive understanding of Ghosh’s works.



Dr. Pushkal Giri is a distinguished figure in the field of education. Currently serving as a Lecturer in English at Government Intermediate College Dumari Buzurg at Sonepur Saran, Bihar, Dr. Giri brings a wealth of experience and passion to his work.
In addition to his teaching role, Dr. Giri has held the prestigious position of Principal at St. Joseph’s School at Siwan, Bihar. His leadership and dedication to education have been recognized on numerous occasions, including being awarded the Best Principal of the Year in 2020. Dr. Giri’s innovative approaches to teaching earned him the Extra Mile Educator Award in 2022 and the Innovative Teacher Award in 2023 from GSLC.
As a Resource Person for the CBSE, New Delhi, Dr. Giri has conducted over 200 sessions in the 2023-2024 academic year, focusing on Capacity Building Programs (CBP), Professional Development Programs (PRP), and Induction Programs. His expertise and commitment to teacher development are highly regarded in educational circles.
Dr. Giri’s contributions to literature include his grammar book, “”English for All,”” which caters to the needs of l students of all classes and those preparing for competitive exams. His enthusiasm for education and his entrepreneurial spirit drive him to continually seek innovative methods to enhance learning experiences.
“”Sailing Through the Stories: Experiential Learning from Amitabh Ghosh”” reflects Dr. Giri’s deep engagement with literature and his belief in the transformative power of experiential learning. Through this book, he aims to inspire readers to explore and appreciate the rich narratives of Amitabh Ghosh, while integrating practical learning experiences that resonate beyond the classroom.


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