Gyanranjan ki kahaniya: Ek antarang parichay


By: Prof. Dr. Maie Dodake

ISBN: 9789358381146

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Page: 200

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The book titled “Gyanranjan’s Stories: An Intimate Introduction” provides an in-depth exploration of Gyanranjanji’s narratives. Organized into six chapters, this book delves into various aspects of Gyan Ranjan’s life and literary contributions.

The initial chapter, ‘Personality of Gyan Ranjan,’ furnishes comprehensive insights into Gyan Ranjanji’s background, including details about his birthplace, family, childhood, education, personality, morals, marital life, and professional journey.

Moving on to the second chapter, ‘Gyanranjan’s Work,’ I elaborate on Gyanranjan’s accomplishments in story literature and his editorial pursuits. This section also highlights notable honors and awards bestowed upon Gyan Ranjanji for his Hindi literary works.

The third chapter, ‘Inspiration of Writing,’ focuses on the influences that shaped Gyan Ranjanji’s writing journey. This includes the contributions of literary friends, family, and his surroundings that inspired him to pen his stories.

The fourth chapter, ‘Stories of Gyanranjan,’ is pivotal in this book. It categorizes Gyan Ranjanji’s selected stories into six types, presenting the essence of his storytelling to readers.

In the fifth chapter, ‘The Craft Aspect of Gyan Ranjan’s Stories,’ I provide insights into the language, style, word selection, idioms, and symbols employed in Gyan Ranjan’s significant stories.

Concluding the book in the sixth chapter, aptly titled ‘Conclusion,’ I offer a bibliographic list of the reference materials used in the creation of this book.


Private Dr. Mai Bhagwan Dodke

Educational Background:
– M.A. (R.B.N.B. College, Shrirampur)
– B. Ed. (Dhareshwar College of Education Pune)
– Ph.D. (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada Vidyapeeth Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) Maharashtra, India)

Professional Contributions:
– Published 6 research articles at the national level
– Participated in 10 national and university-level seminars

Teaching Experience:
– Served as Assistant Professor (Hindi Department) at Arts and Science College, Ashti, District Beed.
– Worked as Assistant Professor (Hindi Department) at Humbarde College, Ashti, District Beed.
– Currently holds the position of Head of Hindi Department at Shri Tabeshwar Computer Science and Income T. Mahavidyalaya, Cage Ta: Cage District: Beed.

Honors and Awards:
– ‘National Sahitya Seva Samman’ by National Sahitya Seva Sanstha Pune, Maharashtra
– ‘Excellent Hindi Teaching Service Work Award’ by Gyanjyoti Sanstha Shrirampur, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra


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