Invoke Inner Wisdom-Empower Self (Paperback)


By: Yatin Samant

ISBN: 9789358387551

Price: 450

Page: 230

Category: SELF-HELP / General

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This book – 1st of a series of 3 , contains 54 articles

• The book is aimed at invoking inner wisdom , by creating higher clarity & newer perspectives – showing a different way of looking at familiar things – towards creating strong independent minds who then can chart & seek their development evolution to succeed in professional / work pursuits & feel fulfilled in life.

• Therefore topic / subject of any of my articles is not the destination. For me a subject is only a medium , a vehicle to create new perspectives , to be able to create new meanings.

• Though anyone can be a potential reader – a more core audience to focus on is Youth in their prime of career ( 20 -40 ) working / self business.


Yatin is an Engineer & a Business Management post graduate, with more than 34 years of Corporate working experience across a diverse set of industries in India and Asia Pacific; of which he headed organizations & businesses as CEO/ Managing Director for about 20 years.
He has served on Board of a renowned organization in Education Sector.
Yatin is a credentialised, Personal Coach since 2012 & has been a visiting faculty at a renowned Management Institutes in Bangalore.
Adding value to people and making a meaningful difference, has been a passion with Yatin.

With his conviction that the Leadership challenge is not Talent, but a Perspective deficit; Yatin formed his Leadership Development venture – Powerful Perspectives, where he works on a unique ‘Inside-Out’ learning pathway to invoke (i) High Clarity, (ii) Deeper Insights and (iii) Alternative Perspectives, to help individuals & entities feel empowered to transform their world, enabling them to succeed professionally & be personally fulfilled

Yatin has been writing since his school days – he regularly writes on LinkedIn and has 3 (Marathi) books already published.

This book is a first in the planned series of 3 books, based on his extensive work & profound understanding of Human Development.



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