Think.Build.Create: Unraveling the creative process


By: Divya Ramachandran

ISBN: 9789358380873

Page:  186

Price: 399/-

Category: SELF-HELP / Creativity

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Having creative trouble? Don’t worry! Creativity is something we are all born with. Some of us understand how to quickly hone that skill and some of us take a little more time. This book is a rough-it-out guide for those who want to understand creativity better as a process, as opposed to a mess we might have to wade through. Good luck getting your creative juices flowing!


Divya Ramachandran is a published author hailing from Kerala. An avid traveler and creative soul, Divya originally delved into writing children’s fantasy books such as ‘Yoga with Mr. Foxx’ and ‘Short and Sweet’. She currently engages in writing books for professional and personal use in areas she has immersed herself in over the many years of her career – Creativity, Art, Music and Multiple Intelligences.


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