Understanding Psychology: The Human Mind Unravelled


By: Dr Rohi Jan

ISBN: 9789358380606

Page:  208

Price: 399/-

Category: PSYCHOLOGY / Mental Health

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The book is an exploration, an invitation to enter the enthralling realm of Psychology and explore the insights it provides. Years of study , research and personal experiences have been weaved together to create a thorough insight of the human mind. This book covers a varied range of Psychological topic, that will be useful to the under graduate and graduate students.


Dr.Rohi Jan hails from Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir. She dis her B.A, B.Ed and M.A in Psychology in her native place, and for M.phil and Ph.d, she left her lush green place to excel more in her subject. She is the recipient of many awards ,including a Gold Medal. She besides being a columnist for many local dailies and national newspapers, has countless research papers to her name. Dr. Rohi Jan has appeared in countless sessions as a guest to provide insight to students about mental health related issues.


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