FULARATH: The storehouse of virtues, is like the pinnacle of prosperity


By: Dr. Jatinkumar Panara

ISBN: 9789358380668

Page: 101

Price: 235/-

Category: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

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This book will teach you how to live stable life in any situation through the aspects of living and the teachings given by Phulrath, and it will also motivate you. By reading this booklet, you will experience an overview of great knowledge. It shows personal and family information on the life of Shri Fulabhai Panara. “Fularath” describes many events in his life. In the form of knowledge, we find a wealth of precious qualities like truth, courage, unity, loyalty, and bravery. Thus, through this book and the example of Shri Fulabhai Panara, one will get to know the invaluable qualities of life and gain knowledge about his legacy. This smallest booklet is designed to explain and help the younger generation understand the behavior of our old gentlemen and some aspects of their era and commitments. It is composed with the familial feeling of one Jatinkumar and the purpose of imparting to everyone the episodes of Shri Fulabhai’s life, his kindness, and the sacramental knowledge gained by him. This booklet can be consumed by families and followed by future generations to get a first-hand understanding of historical heritage information. While walking on the thorny path of life, some words make us feel soft, fragrant virtues.


“Dr. Jatinkumar Panara, a youngster of Rinza village and a descendant of Shri Fulabhai Panara, has achieved the degree of Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences. He has made a lot of contributions in the fields of pharmaceuticals and research worldwide. A recipient of the national award for research scientist in the healthcare division by doing research on diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol-lowering drugs, herbal medicines, etc. Jatinkumar has enlightened not only the Panara family but also society all over the world. Recently, he received a national award as a young scientist in the field of research.
Here, he writes in “”Fularath””, through a booklet giving a brief account of Shri Fulabhai Panara, and states that I spent a very short time with “”Fulabapa”” when I was a very tiny age, but will remain forever connected to my rites and direction of true prosperity. I will always be inspired to move ahead in worldliness with the right ethics inherited by him. Jai hind, Jai mataji.”



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