Unspoken Feelings are Unforgettable


By: Rajshree Singh


Page: 221

Price: 349

Category: FICTION / General

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About the book

The book is a story of a sixteen year old quiet girl whose personality might reflect most of the teenage introverts who crave social validation. Especially the kind of girls who are afraid of going off on their own, whose parents lose affection and split up. And to add to the misery, they find themselves falling in love (for the very first time in most cases) with the wrong person. And yet the worst part is, they have a real knowledge of whatever they’ve been doing. So was the case for Arisha. Despite being an overthinker, she broke her own heart by being too presumptuous.

About the author

This book is a work of Rajshree singh. An ambitious teenager who’s just published her debut novel. Her interests range from reading, story telling, and poetry. Her inspiration is drawn from the classics and daily incoherent muses.


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