WHEN YOU KNOW IT’S RIGHT: Journey To Finding self


By: H.C. Dr. Nivedita Dang

ISBN: 9789358380866

Page: 114

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Category: SELF-HELP / General

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Life starts making sense and feels right when you have peace and fulfilment. knowing that even if you cannot control or change circumstances, there still is a hope that one day everything will fall into place. When you know it’s Right is my journey of finding me. It talks about the struggles which a youth in their twenties goes through. As a growing up adult many of us wrestle with establishing the right career, searching the right job, the right life partner, the right place to live. We seek to be respected and dignified but somewhere fail because of our own shortcomings. We lack discipline, self-confidence, face depression, tussle with traumas, fight anxiety, acceptance and become a people pleaser at times. Meanwhile working hard to set the right careers expected by our family and relatives. In this book I have shared my real-life incidents of my wrong choices, bad decisions, failures, fears, facing them and overcoming too. I learnt that sometimes it is hard to let the things you desperately want. But that is the right thing to do at that point of time. I also have shared my experiences during covid-19 pandemic. Year 2020 added a life changing chapter into many of our lives. It made all of us stronger than we could ever have expected and mature than we ever could have grown. Life can never be perfect but it is closer When you know it’s Right!


My name is DR.Nivedita Dang. I am from Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. I love listening to music, specially the calm and happy music. I have completed my Masters in Zoology from Ranchi University, Ranchi and also Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Birla Global University, Bhubaneswar. I love telling stories and writing them. I am obsessed with good music and also feel that good books and music can be solution to many problems. I really like watching motivational and real-life inspired movies. I want to bring a positive change in the way now a days youth think and perceive life. Besides being a writer, I am also a youtuber, singer, song writer and composer having two channels “worship warriors’ a music channel and ‘Life Reflects’ a motivational and testimonial channel. I love to cook and sing songs. I believe that communication is a powerful tool in making a positive change. And writing and speaking are two of the most powerful tools of communication. It truly can change the world! I have written one more book named ‘The Confused Mind’.


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