KNOW: Chronology of the Earth Based on the Bible


By: M. Paulson Joshua

ISBN: 9789358380491

Page: 70

Price: 130/-

Category: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

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About the book

The book Chronology of the Earth describes the major incidents of history which are recorded in the bible from Genesis to Revelation. It explains the creatures and the functions which are controlled by the creator God. Those who read this book will get the relation with the living God and a peaceful life with a hope of their eternity. It benefits all the people from youngsters to the old people to get faith in God and enlightens them to live in this world with a positive mind to face all the situations they undergo.

About the author

Paulson Joshua is an evangelist who lives in Kerala and has been serving the Lord Jesus Christ since 1990 after resigning his job of ten years in the United Arab Emirates. He did church planting ministry in West Bengal for ten years and personal evangelism in all parts of India. Now he is a Bible teacher and the authour of Christian books and does counseling for drug addicts and psychotic patients.


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